As COVID virus struck the world with enormous lethal power, public health safety arises as one of the main concern of most organization around the world.  Most places are using human guards and handheld devices to measure the body temperature which is inaccurate, slow and without trace record.  HRSS have the advantage of FAST, ACCURATE and TRACESABLE in body temperature detection with face recognition ability.  

Combing thermal detection and face recognition function gives us automated body temperature monitoring with alert and tracing ability.


◆ High speed and accuracy detection with only 0.3-0.5˚C deviation

◆ Detection distance is up to 6M

◆ No manpower is required to measure body temperature

◆ Digitalized data and photo made in simple to trace and monitor

◆ Support face recognition and body temperature measurement with face mask on

◆ Alert personnel who don’t wear a mask

◆ Allow recognise registered personnel only

◆ Staff attendance record could be generated when integrated to our HR system

◆ Easy to setup at any location with mobile unit

Solution also applies to

◆ Office or conference room entrance

◆ Entrance of shopping mall

◆ School, hotels, train station or hospital

System UI


System infrasturture