We provided Car Park solution to many clients in the recent few years.  We then summaries the different requirements from different clients and developed a solution names Car Authentication System (CAS).



◆ Operator could access the system page by common browser

◆ Support multiple language and users

◆ Display real-time photo of vehicle, license plate number and vehicle owner info

◆ Apply different detection means and arrangement to different entrance and exit according to different working environment

◆ Different operator has their own access level to the system

◆ Support touch-free payment when entering or leaving the car park


Car License Number Recognition

◆ By using artificial intelligent car license number recognition system, license number recognition accuracy gets up to 98%

◆ Automated and manual correction improves the accuracy when recognizing those license number which are hard to be recognized

◆ By using real-time streaming multi-frame recognition technology, recognition accuracy gets further improved

◆ Support multi-lane real-time recognition


◆ Integrate CAS with normal car park system to achieve touch-free payment 

◆ Integrate with Parking guidance system to achieve Car finding function


◆ Send alert with different level when vehicle on black or white list is detected at gate

◆ Send SMS reminder when to owner when vehicle arrive at or depart from the car park 

◆ Provide Vehicle depart alert to vehicle owner through mobile App


◆ Provides reports such as Car In, Car Out, Recognition record and system log, etc; operator could search for the information they need easily with the advanced search engine